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Change your life with a successful medical weight loss plan by Aime Serna, MD, MPH

Rely on our Physician in El Paso, TX. You know exercise and a healthy diet are both essential components of losing weight, but maybe you don't know how to make those things a part of your life in a realistic way. If you need additional help to reach your weight loss goal, speak to our weight loss specialist, who happens to be an internal medicine specialist - Aime Serna, MD, MPH. Dr. Serna specializes in medical weight loss and will customize a weight loss plan for you.
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weight loss el paso
weight loss el paso
Dr. Aime Serna
Every person is unique,
so your weight loss plan
should be too.

Our weight loss specialist uses a weight-screening machine to measure your blood pressure, body fat and muscle mass.

To personalize your weight loss plan, Dr. Serna also needs to understand your:

–Medical history

With that information, she can recommend nutritional, medicinal and exercise plans to help you start losing weight. She's also one of the only medical weight loss specialists in El Paso, TX who can tell you your blood pressure risk.
Take the first step toward a healthier life today - schedule your first consultation with Dr. Serna.

Our Process:

  • What to Expect on My Initial Visit:
    The visit will include a medical history, a focused physical exam and lab analysis. It is the objective of this visit to formulate a comprehensive plan to fit the individual's lifestyle. We make our plan fit your life not the other way around. Please bring you on your initial visit: any medications you are currently taking, most recent lab work. It is important to wear light clothing, easily removed shoes and socks in order to obtain an accurate weight.
  • Our Programs & Planning
    Each plan is slightly different, as each individual is different. Your decision to participate in a weight loss program is intimately driven on your motivation. Behavioral modification is at the heart of our program. It is our goal to help each individual achieve the weight loss goals. By using individualized counseling, our clinic teaches necessary skills to maintain weight loss long term.
  • Products
    Some of our programs require certain products and medications, as part of a comprehensive plan, in order to achieve the results desired.

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